ImpactQA provides complete suite of manual and automated functional testing services, delivered throughout the Software Development Life Cycle. Based out of New York, London, and New Delhi, ImpactQA provides a range of global Enterprise Software Quality Assurance and Software Testing options for large corporations and Fortune 500 Enterprises. Learn about a few of our testing expertises here. Read More

The standard in software testing firms. ImpactQA provides a range of SQA Consulting services that enable enterprises to be smarter and more efficient in managing strategic IT investments. When it comes to business critical software testing, we're the ...

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Web Application

When it comes to modern systems development, enterprises are beginning to rely increasingly upon the cloud to host their enterprise systems. Scalable web application development is increasingly occupying the space of standard client-server applications ...

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Enterprise QA

In-house software development teams have to deal with a constant pressure to change system functionality from leadership & management. Rapid release cycles require just as rapid QA, and a team that can scale to execute testing strategies from the ...

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Full Life-Cycle

SQA is a non-stop activity. Enterprise software fails when application testing occurs solely at the development phase. From pre-development to interface design to deployment and maintenance, full life-cycle testing ensures that a constant emphasis ...

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Mobile App

With the continuous push towards device diversity, mobile applications have taken prominence in the business landscape. From responsive web design, mobile optimization, and native apps, a change in viewports and inputs requires quality assurance ...

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Intensive software applications & business systems are too complex for manual testing. Robust Test Automation Frameworks are what turn average applications into strong, performance ready, enterprise-grade systems that can stand up to increasing ...

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Enterprise-Grade Software Testing & Quality Assurance. New York. London. New Delhi. ImpactQA is a full-service manual and automated SQA firm for medium-sized businesses, large corporations & Fortune 1000s alike. Look to your right - Let's talk.

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