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ImpactQA offers employees compelling opportunities for professional growth and thought leadership. Our service, quality and speed of performance are not weighted down with bureaucracy. We are a strong, experienced team of experts with extensive specialization in software testing. The ImpactQA team was brought together by a passion for excellence and an EXTREME hatred for buggy software.

We don't mess around with recruiting. Rigorous hiring qualifications ensure that every candidate is more than capable to handle even the largest of system projects. A decade of SQA experience has forged our knowledge in the most relevant skills, education, and expertise needed to be a QA Engineer.

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Enterprise-Grade Software Testing & Quality Assurance. New York. London. New Delhi. ImpactQA is a full-service manual and automated SQA firm for medium-sized businesses, large corporations & Fortune 1000s alike. Look to your right - Let's talk.

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