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With the growing intricacies of software development and increasing collaboration between different systems and platforms, systematic SQA has become a vital aspect of producing quality software. Supporting an in-house QA department, however, can be a costly affair beyond the baseline human capital and infrastructure costs.

QA Outsourcing is a strategic management option that has multiple short- and long-term benefits. Outsourcing the process ensures that organizations make more efficient use of in-house resources, while still receiving the industry-forged expertise provided by a dedicated SQA firm.

Core Advantages to a Scalable Outsourced Team:
  • Cost Reduction and greater ROI on Software Investments
  • A Process-engineered Approach to Testing
  • Faster Time to Market
  • Certified and Trained Professionals on Niche Skills
  • Increased Application Quality and Decreased DPM
  • Quantitative Increases in Customer Satisfaction
Tenets of a Successfully Managed Outsourced SQA Project:
  • Ensuring that business objectives agreed at the outset of the project are managed through to completion.
  • Working closely with our customers to ensure testing procedures do not inhibit the progress of a project.
  • Continuously improving the approach and methods developed for IT investment management .
ImpactQA provide companies with the means to ensure the excellence of their software projects. The Bottom line is a long-term alignment that preserves large investments made in your enterprise software systems.

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